One comment on “GOLD COAST QIN-SAN 090600ZMAR12 SKED

  1. Hmmm mm, a Hewson doing so well whilst being sleep deprived…Rich, you are truly a legend, kudos to all the crew- sounds HECTIC!! We are all cheering you on from WA where it’s all sunshine and happy days! Look forward to the day that you are here with us…Go Goldy!!! Your number one fans now have their bedrooms decorated with Clipper “balloons” courtesy of Granny (aka- GWA) & Lu is working on her “news of the week” re. your and the crew’s endeavors…Love your work!! And by the way, you have a talent for writing too…Thinking of you and wishing all the crew of GCA all the best and a safe passage! XXXXX Loads of love- Famille Fournier XX Bonne Chance!!!!

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