One comment on “The Mediterranean! Marseille to Palma Mallorca

  1. Hello Richard, Great to see her again back on sea. You made it to Palma, and she did not sink under your feet. I never expected real problems, she is Ok and reliable. But she is not so young and needs attention and work. Nice to hear you were anchoring near Palma, the overseized 40 kg anchor means restfull nights. It is the result of a 45lbs CQR (now on deck as reserve), a Bruce 30 kg, and now the Lewmar 40 kg Delta. Everytime I found my ship wandering in a thunderstorm I bought a bigger anchor. To be sure I was still wishing for 1/2 inch chain. After 60 years I am wondering why people economise on groundtackle? It is your utmost insurance.! Keep on the good work, and enjoy live with your wife and kids in the Miditerenean. Peter.


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