2 comments on “Greece – Family fun and maintenance in remote locations

  1. Dear Richard and family,
    So good to hear you all enjoy Sunday Island and sailing the Med, like we did.
    When I delivered her to the yachtbroker, almost a year ago, it felt like bringing
    your old reliable horse, after 28 years, to the horse-butcher. And then a surveyor declared her
    terminally ill ! But , so lucky, she found a new dedicated owner, and she got a
    new life. With a much younger and professional master she is refitted and maintained
    in great condition for another life-time. We are very happy we sold her to you!
    So good to see that the very young children are adapting so well to the new member
    of the family and are now getting water-wise. Very important and reassuring for the
    parents that they are at home in the water and even in the underwater-world, for that
    will be their future for a long time.
    Good to see that the teak deck is in good shape again, I was getting behind, due to
    lack of time and energy, but it is comfortable and beautiful.
    Sail well and enjoy life and your nice kids!
    Greetings to you and Emily,

  2. What a wonderful journey you are all having, so interesting Rich with your retell of your travel adventures.
    I can’t see the kids ever being happy to be “stuck” inside a school room in the future.
    Diana Jensen/Dare

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