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My career in the yachting industry has progressed from 20 meters to over 100 meters. Throughout my employment I have proven exceptional leadership skills and operational performance. I have a solid background of worldwide operation for a selection of vessels including superyachts, high speed craft, round-the-world yacht racing, marine pilotage, dynamic positioning, ice pilotage, diving and ROV operations. Having commenced my yachting career as a deckhand and racing crew I understand the key of successful motivation, training, courtesy, and professionalism.

My goal is to maintain a happy and effective environment onboard to ensure yacht owners enjoy the ultimate experience of ownership without compromise to safety or maritime obligations. I have proven my ability to attract, develop and retain quality crew to built a strong harmonious team.

My success results from a relaxed and open leadership style, that is firm when required and compassionate when called for. I believe an important aspect of leadership is demonstrating the knowledge, understanding and commitment to do any job required onboard. My crew respect that I would not ask them to do anything that I am not prepared to do myself, and I enjoy helping the crew out and setting a high expectation.

The excitement of the maritime environment has not wavered throughout my career. I maintain an extensive worldwide network of contacts to develop unique itineraries and utilise trusted suppliers to ensure the yacht remains operational in every corner of the world. Having extensive ship yard experience, representing the builder and yacht owners in various protects around the world, I understand the importance of quality management and control. I have a meticulous track record in careful administration to maximise operational performance, always ensuring that the yacht operates to an optimal level whilst maintaining a mindful control of budget and expenses.

I pride myself on honesty, integrity, loyalty and professionalism. I enjoy developing good working relationships with yacht owners and their representatives, guests, and crew. I recognise the importance of maintaining clear and precise communication with the shore team to keep them informed, as they are as pivitol to the yachts success as the crew onboard. I look forward to joining a team as a long term commitment, focused on the enjoyment of yacht owners and their guests.

Throughout my years of employment I have enjoyed access to some very remote areas in the world including South Pacific, SE Asia, Kimberley region in Northern Australia, Antarctica, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and the Indian Ocean to race, cruise, explore, dive, find wrecks and conduct scientific research. I also have vast experience in North Sea and Atlantic Coast. I am meticulous in my passage planning, yacht management and organisation. I am seeking employment a yacht (Sail or Power) with an expeditionary program to fully utilize my skills and qualifications.


Master Mariner Unrestricted – AMSA
STCW certificate of safety training
Marine Engine Driver Grade II
Bachelor of Science (Bsc) Oceanography
Dynamic Positioning
Survival Craft and Fast Rescue Craft
Security Awareness
ISPS Ship and Port Security Officer
Ship Safety officer
Sailing Ship endorsement
Working at heights
Confined space entry
ADAS Commercial diver and Supervisor and RCC Hyperbaric chamber operator
PADI Dive master
RYA Yacht master Ocean and Instructor
Bridge Resource Management BRM
Ship Masters Medical Certificate
Senior First Aid
Certified AMSA Vessel Surveyor
IIMS and AIMS Surveyor and consultant


Ship handling and pilotage, Management and logistics, Management of all codes, legal procedures Administration, Yacht and ship maintenance, Yacht Racing and Navigation, Ice Pilotage, Diving, RCC, and ships medical, Engineering and maintenance, IT, computer networking, Marine Electronics, Budgeting and finance.

Employment History

March 16 – Present SALUS Maritime Consultant, Marine Surveyor, Captain, Engineer

Commercial and private vessel, surveyor, management and consultant for SALUS Maritime. Vessel Commissioning, Delivery, Survey and Consultancy specialising in survey, auditing, ISM, ISPS, SOLAS, MARPOL, Certification of class (DNVGL, Lloyds), flag requirements, Safety Management Systems (SMS), and operating procedures. My most recent project has involved taking over management and operations, captaincy, and Engineering of SY Provenance from a yard period, dismissing previous management and crew, re-establishing new crew, procedures and etiquette, completing the yard period, commissioning the vessel, organising sale and charter of the yacht.

June 17 – Present 112m INCAT Fast Ferry Build and commissioning Captain

Build and commissioning captain for the best quality and fastest aluminium catamarans in the world, with operational speeds of over 40 knots. I was project manager responsible for the construction, commissioning, training, and operational aspects for the build of six 35m vessels for Sydney Ferries, two 35m vessel for Melbourne and one 34m vessel for Manly and on 112m HSc ferry for Virtu Ferries Malta, and one 112m HSc ferry for ARMAS Tenerife. All vessels were built under the proposed budget and within the specified time. During the build I liaised with the vessel owners, flag and class society, to fulfil operational and legislative requirements. High speed vessels were trialed in confined pilotage and coastal waters and I earned my Tasmanian Ports Pilot Exemption for Incat vessels up to 130m. On completion of the build I was commissioning captain in charge of crew recruitment, training, sea trials, and delivery of vessels.

Le Grand Bleu      113m Bremer Vulkan    Chief Officer       September 2016 – Present

Chief Officer onboard the expedition yacht Le Grand Bleu.  LGB is a 112.80m motor yacht, custom built in 2000 by Bremer Vulkan in Vegesack ( Germany ). This luxury vessel’s sophisticated exterior design and engineering are the work of Kusch Yachts. She was last refitted in 2010 by Kusch Yachts.  Le Grand Bleu yacht has a steel hull with a steel / aluminium superstructure with a beam of 17.68m (58’0″ft) and a 4.60m  (15’1″ft) draft .Le Grand Bleu is built to comply to MCA and LR standards.  Le Grand Bleu is capable of 17.00 knots flat out, with a cruising speed of 15.00 15.00 knots.  Le Grand Bleu offers accommodation for up to 20 guests . She is also capable of carrying up to 51 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience.  LGB also boasts two additional yachts on individual cranes that she carries on the topside of the aft of the boat – one is a 73-foot (22 m) New England sailboat (on the port side), and the other is a 70-foot (21 m) Sunseeker powerboat (on the starboard side).

MY Mogambo               74m Nobiskrug.            Watch keeper          July 2016 – August 2016

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.55.02 pm

Relief watch keeper on MY Mogambo working for passage through the Mediterranean with owner and family onboard. Worked with Chief Officer to review ISM, SMS and procedures and gained a good understanding for this size of Motor Yacht.

London Offshore Consultants                 Jan 2016 – Present

During my time in Hobart while not onboard the Aurora Australis,  I have been yachting and working as a marine consultant and DCV surveyor for London Offshore Consultants.

Aurora Australis             95m Icebreaker             Chief Officer                        Nov 2015 – March 2020

Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis is a 8500GRT icebreaker chartered by the Australian Antarctic Division to re supply scientific bases and conduct research in Antarctica. My position involves managing 24 crew and looking after up to 116 passengers that included researches and scientists.   Ensuring the stability of the vessel when loading cargo alongside and at anchor, overseeing SOLAS equipment maintenance, review and development of the ships Safety Management System. Responsible for ISPS, ISM, HSC, IMDG FFS, LSA, SOLAS and SOPEP. Whilst underway I navigated Aurora Australis to the most remote locations on earth, piloting the ship through the ice ensuring the safety of the vessel and personnel through ice navigation, utilizing the ships icebreaking capabilities. Aurora Australis works in Antarctica between November and March and the remainder of the time she is alongside in Hobart so does not provide employment for the entire year.

SY Scorpio II                        14m Curran                        Captain            Jul 2015 – Nov 2015


Completed circumnavigation of Australia on our own yacht Scorpio II exploring some of the most remote areas of Australia including a three months expedition navigating the Kimberly region fishing, exploring ancient aboriginal artwork in prehistoric caves, and being chased by crocodiles amongst 15m tides and extreme weather conditions.   We then followed the whale migration south along the West Australian Coastline whilst searching for and dived many wrecks and finding the perfect wave. Conducted many dives with various marine species including sharks, whales and rays.

Marine Pilot                        Darwin Port Corporation Pilot            Sep 2014 – Jul 2015

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 8.59.10 pm

Pilotage of a range of vessels into the port of Darwin. Darwin is a busy port in the north of Australia with very challenging conditions including wind squalls and tides that can flow over 4kts. Vessels ranged from 40m yachts, handy sized container vessels, livestock ships, customs vessels, cruise liners and 160m general cargo ships. This job involved maneuvering up to eight ships per day on and off the wharf and piloting the vessel to port limits. Bridge recourse management was very important when dealing with crews of different nationalities and ensuring that everybody onboard understood the planned operation. This position required good ship handling skills, good ability to monitor conditions, and quick decision making.

Farstad Shipping             81m 3527 GRT OSV             Chief Officer            Sep 2012 – Aug 2014

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 9.59.11 pm

Chief Officer of two of new builds PSV vessels. These vessels were received from the yard and required complete development of all ISM, ISPS, IMDG, SOLAS, FFS, and SOPEP instructions and procedures. As chief officer I was responsible for developing all these systems and creating the Safety Management System (SMS) for both vessels. I was also responsible for developing a maintenance schedule for the vessels and ensuring that we set up and managed the ship within our budget and to supervise the ships crew to ensure that all maintenance and work was carried to a high standard out in a safe environment. I was responsible a deck crew of 14, and supervising junior officers to ensure that the navigation systems including ECDIS and DP systems were maintained. These vessels have Rolls Royce Dynamic Positioning Type 2 systems and the work conducted would require precise navigation and driving of the vessel for up to 12 hours on a daily basis.

SY Mystere                        43m Bill Tripp                        Chief Officer            Aug 2013 – Sep 2013

Relief Chief Officer working in rotation on SY Mystere. I filled this position whilst still working with Farstad in between rotations. This position involved running a deck crew of two mates. In charge of navigation, ISM, ISPS, IMDG, SOLAS, FFS, SOPEP and maintenance. During my period onboard Mystere had a number of voyages with the owner and owners family onboard.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.01.09 pm

Offshore Wandelaar             21m Multicat                         Captain             Aug 2012 – Sep 2012

Contracted as master to Workships on new build South Boats 21m Alloy catamaran to build Anholt Windfarm in the north sea.   Wandelaar is a 21m jet propelled multicat designed to transport 12 passengers, fuel, cargo and supplies. As captain this job involved challenging maneuvering utilizing the jet propulsion to ensure the safe transfer or passengers and cargo. This vessel was a new build and I developed the Safety Management System, maintenance systems, and procedures for the vessel to ensure it complied with ISM, ISPS, IMDG, SOLAS, FFS, and SOPEP.

Gold Coast Australia            Clipper Ventures            Captain             Apr 2011 – Aug 2012

One of ten elite skippers leading a team around the world to win the Clipper 11-12 Round the World Yacht Race. Only professional sailor on board one of a matched fleet of 68-foot ocean racing yachts. As Captain of Gold Coast I commanded a non-professional crew as they competed in the grueling 40,000-mile race around the globe. I built a team of amateur sailors to a professional standard from a group of people from all walks of life – some of the crew had never sailed before, many had fears to overcome. Experience in dealing with a range of different people and personalities and inspired them to succeed, build together as a team and strive for excellence to achieve the most out of the race and the most out of life.

Yacht Captain in charge of sailing, communication, training, safety, medical, finance, provisioning, logistics, and media. Delegation and coaching of crewmembers to succeed in these roles. Responsible for ISPS, ISM, HSC, IMDG, FFS, LSA, SOLAS, SOPEP, budgeting, requisitioning, maintenance and management of international crew around the world. Media Spokes person for Clipper and Gold Coast Australia. 1st Place Overall in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, achieving 15/15 podium positions and 12/15 wins.

Shell tankers                        LNG gas tanker             2nd Officer             Sep 2008 – Apr 2011

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 10.14.03 pm

2nd Officer aboard a 272m 105,000 GRT LNG carrier in the Shell fleet. Shipping LNG from Australia to Asia, primarily to Japan, but also focusing on China and Korea. Responsible for 21 seaman onboard supervising and managing the maintenance of the ship and equipment. Responsible for navigation, ECDIS, ISPS, ISM, HSC, IMDG, FFS, LSA, SOLAS, SOPEP, Stability and administrative tasks. Worked in logistics ordering and receiving stores and provisions. Responsible for the safe navigation and passage of the ship. Regular maneuvering exercises focusing on ship handling Pilotage experience whenever available and when entering or leaving port. Officer in charge of Helicopter operations.

SY Titania of Cowes Swan 68 Mate, 2007-2016

Delivery crew and relief mate and engineer for various passages and races including Caribbean to Panama, Thailand, Asia, and West coast of Australia to Sydney. Competed in three Sydney to Hobart Yacht races as Navigator. Relief work, passages and deliveries onboard Titania was conducted while still working in the offshore oil and gas sector during my rotations off.

Oceanic Ferries            34m Fast Ferry            Captain            Jan 2008 – Sep 2008

While studying my Chief Mates Masters course in Fremantle Australia I worked as a casual master with Oceanic Ferries in the Swan River and Port of Fremantle

SY Open Season            Wally 94                        Mate                        Mar 2007 – Jan 2008           

Mate and Engineer aboard Wally super yacht Open Season. Oversaw completion of yard period in Italy, Prepared and Raced Open Season in all med regattas of 2007. Sailed Open Season and conducted pilotage into many Mediterranean destinations ports, bays and restrictive areas. While onboard Open Season we did a number regatta’s and trips with the owner and his familiy.

SY Titania of Cowes            Swan 68                        Mate/Eng             Jan 2007 – Mar 2007

Mate and Engineer on SY Titania of Cowes. In charge of deck and engine maintenance.

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 11.58.25 pm

Royal Australian Navy Mine Hunter                         MCDO                        Jan 1998 – Jan 2007

Mine Clearance Diving Officer and Navigator. In charge of Diving, ROV and Operations onboard Officer Mine Hunter Coastal. MHC has a Dynamic positioning type 3 configuration with three azimuth thrusters for DP and one variable pitch propeller for passage making. Management of a division of 10 divers and 14 Deck crew.

In charge of operations room, and dynamic positioning of vessel for all ROV, survey and mine clearance operations. In charge of ROV maintenance, launch and pilotage. In charge of all diving operations and equipment maintenance including operation and maintenance of a 4 man Hyperbaric Recompression Chamber. Ships Security Officer and in charge of security, muster and regular audit of cryptographic, material and sensitive documents. Explosives Custodian Officer in charge of loading, unloading, muster, audit, usage and security of Dangerous goods.   Demolitions and IED officer in charge of all use of explosives. Force protection officer in charge of safety and security of the ship. Boarding officer in charge of all boarding operations. Helicopter officer in charge of all helicopter operations.


Sailing, Surfing, Diving, Kite Surfing, Rock Climbing, Hiking, Exploration, Boat Restoration.