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Richard Hewson winning the start of the 2013 Mini

Richard Hewson winning the start of the 2013 Mini

Richard Hewson the campaigned in 2012 and 2013 for the Mini Transat race sailing the RG650 AUS 816 nicknamed “Taz” after the Tasmanian Devil, the only carnivorous marsupial remaining in Tasmania, more commonly known for its appearance in the Warner Bros luny tunes cartoon Taz!

Richard Hewson made world headlines when he was leading the first stage of the Mini Transat in the Series Class, and was close in the wake of the leading pack of prototypes when the race was cancelled only 40nm from the finish due to storms that were forecasted to decimate the majority of the fleet.  An Australian leading the fleet of Mini’s attracted world wide press and everybody from Australia to Greenland, Caribbean to Africa were talking about his amazing efforts and the robbery of his win.
The 2013 edition of the Mini Transat was indeed a tough one, with only 40 percent of the yachts finishing the race in Guadalupe, 5 boats being lost and skippers rescued, numerous dismastings, and countless amounts of damage.  Sadly the RG650 AUS 816 proudly sponsored by Zhik, pro furl, harken, yacht moving, equip yacht,, Boatbooks Australia was one of the statistics and was forced to abandon the Mini Transat.


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Richard hopes to one day race in the Mini Transat class again one day, but to achieve this goal full sponsorship is required.  Solo sailing has always been a great interest to Richard, and he has raced and cruised single handedly around Australia and European waters since 1997.816 VALENCIA KITE

Even while faced with incredibly rough weather, Richard overcame constant setbacks as his desire to firstly win and then finish the race and was so obsessed he was willing to put everything on the line.  Richard was able to repair his keel after it was nearly ripped out of the boat from a passing fishing trawlers illegal long line, only to be back in the water racing again less than 12 hours later to break his rudder and witness first hand one of the most spectacular wipeouts in Mini history after the forces of the 21 foot yacht surfing down waves at over 18 kts became too extreme for the prototype series class.  Not giving up Richard replaced his rudder and continued racing, however the wipeout that occurred during the rudder breakage continued to rear its ugly head and continuous rig problems and the loss of wind instruments from the top of the mast forced Richard into Lanzarote for repairs.  Richard attempted to repair the boat within the allocated 72 hours maximum port stopover, however when he put to sea within the 72 hours to continue repairs and keep racing he realised that the boat was not fit to continue racing across the Atlantic and prudence overcame honour and pride, forcing him back into Lanzarote.
Richard Hewson starting the 2013 Mini Transat

Richard Hewson starting the 2013 Mini Transat

Richards dedication and obsession to win the Mini Transat was noticed by press world wide and numerous articles were published around the world attracting unprecedented and invaluable press.  The lessons learnt in the 2013 edition of the Mini Transat have only made Richard better, smarter and more determined to win the next edition of the Mini Transat.  “The AUS 816 “Taz” is one of the first RG650’s and we have used her as a test bed to improve all the RG650’s in the future.   When I started the 2013 Mini Transat AUS 816 Zhik was in fine form and we had made some awesome modifications to enhance the boats speed and performance.  As we raced in conditions I have never faced in the RG650 I continued to fine tune the boat and record data from the experience, and If I was not forced to abandon the race, or we re-started from Lanzarote as planned I think I would have won the Mini Transat… If I can start my next campaign where I left off in 2013 I have an brilliant chance of winning the next edition of the Mini Transat”.

816profile pic

816profile pic

To race and win the Mini Transat Richard needs to raise over 80,000 euro in sponsorship and donations.   “The financial milestone is my biggest challenge, to raise 80,000 euro in twelve months in todays economic climate will be hard, however for anybody who can invest in this campaign they are guaranteed to be well rewarded with publicity around the globe!”

The target of 80,000 euro will come in two stages.  The first stage is the most critical.  Richard needs to raise 40,000 euro in the next three months or his boat AUS 816 “Taz” will be sold.  “It is integral that I find the money to buy “Taz” as I have done all my qualification miles and races in this boat and if it is sold it will be almost impossible to raise the money and still have the time to qualify for the Mini Transat”.
Sponsors of Richard’s campaign will be well rewarded locally and around the globe with corporate sails, dinners and speeches given by Richard about his life threatening situations experienced in the 2013 Mini Transat, as well as his leadership and drive that lead him to win the 2011/12 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.  Not only will Richard be involved in corporate development and team building, but potential sponsors will receive unprecedented press around the world for the duration of the campaign.
If you are interested in supporting Richard Hewson in his Mini Transat campaign, if you feel you can help Richard out in any way financially or with other services such as media or promotion or you would like to know more please , email or call Richard personally on +61459467558.   Australia can win the Mini Transat!

What is a Mini Transat 650

A mini 650 is a 6.5 meter sailing boat that is sailed shorthanded by one or two people. It is a very fast, exciting and progressive fleet that can attract over 100 boats on the start line at any given time. It is dominated by the French as is most of the shorthanded scene. The mini is regarded as the stepping stone for legends in our sport and attracts the best of the young talent today.

What is the Mini Transat Race

The Mini Transat is considered to be one of the most extreme single handed events in the world due to the race length and the boat’s small size.  These high performance 6.5m single handed yachts will race 4000nm across the Atlantic, starting on the 13th of October 2013.Richard Hewson Mini 816

The Mini Transat race is a hosts the best single handed sailors in the world including the majority of the skippers in this years Vendee Globe Yacht race.

“A demanding race and a true test for the best sailors as the route covers difficult and adverse weather conditions”

The Mini Transat is an extremely demanding race and a true test for a sailors ability to not only sail the boat to the best of its ability but also manage sleep deprivation in a variety of extreme conditions.

The 2013 Mini Transat race starts from Douarnenez in France, racing 1250nm down the west coast of France, across the Bay of Biscay and down to Arrecife in the Canary Islands where the fleet will regroup, before starting the second race of the Mini Transat where they will race 2770 nm across the Atlantic to Point Pitre in Guadeloupe”.

In total the Mini transat race will be over 4000nm in rumbline sailing, and could possibly take over 35 days of racing solo across one of the largest oceans in the world – Alone!

Richard Hewson and Mini 650

Richard commenced training for the 2008 Mini Transat race back in 2006 however  was unable to compete in the 2008image007-1 race.  “It has always been a dream of mine to race in the Mini Transat and be involved in Mini 650 racing.  After Richard completed the Clipper RTW race, Katabatic gave him an opportunity to race their RG650 in the Mini Transat qualification races the Mini Valencia and the Barcelona race providing some fantastic results in a new and untested series class boat.

The boat

The RG-650 One Design ocean racing boat is the newest member of the Mini 6.50 production class family and is the first one to be built in the southern hemisphere.  Designed by Argentinean Nicolas Goldenburg, commissioned by Katabatic Sailing in Spain, and built in Argentina this is the latest generation in Class Mini sailing.

The RG-650 features all the latest’s’ high performance design trends: a high performance chine hull. high aspect ratio appendages, big sail area and asymmetric spinnakers; the result is a very stable and powerful boat.

•Name  RG 650 
•Design  G Yacht Design
•Yard  RioTecna
•Type  Serie Mini 650
•LOA  6.50 m
•BOA  3.00 m
•Draft  1.60 m
•Displacement  950 kg
•Ballast  420 kg
•Main  27 m2
•Jib  16 m2
•Spi  74 m2
•Spi small  58 m2
•C5  38 m2

C0  25 m2


Campaign Schedule

Richard only has to compete in one race in 2015 to enable him to qualify for the 2015 Mini Transat and already he has sailed over 15,000nm in his RG650 Aus 816.  Richard has a number or races planned for the 2014/15 season, but first he must find the 40,000 euro required to purchase 816 from his previous sponsors.

1 Apr – 1 May      Preparation and 1000nm Atlantic Qualifier
5 May – 10 May     La Trinatte to Plymouth Race
12 May – 18 May    Plymouth, Eddystone, Fastnet Plymouth
18 May – 12 Jun    Maintenance, Corporate, UK and France
13 Jun – 18 Jun    Trophe Marie Anges
24 Jun – 28 Jun    Mini Fastnet Race
28 Jul – 31 Jul    Transcogne Race Port Bourgenay
13 Oct             Mini Transat Race Start
22 - 28 Oct        Mini Transat Leg 1 finish window
9 Nov              Mini Transat Re-start
22 - 27            Nov Mini Transat Finish Window

Media Opportunities
•Presentations at Yacht Clubs and businesses about Richards current campaign and his previous endeavors
•Radio and Television interviews and possibility of creating advertising campaign and even a TV documentary.
•Watch boats live from home or office on satellite tracker.
•Daily downloads of video and photo media
•Live video stream from boat on special occasions.
•Weekly articles for on line publications
•Monthly articles for magazines


•Sailing has a broad group of followers from 10 to 100 years of age.
•More extreme races and designs attracting young viewers
•Challenge of tactics and seamanship attract older viewers
•Grit, determination, and the bravery required to test one’s abilities are part of every day of sailing, and are precisely the character attributes which makes someone a leader, and thus so influential to others.
•The benefits of sponsoring my campaign inspire leaders and managers from all ends of the spectrum to enjoy your product and share it with their colleagues, associates and friends.

Mini Transat racing is about as close to being completely environmentally freiendly as possible. Richard Hewson is a

rti13ia m0 1 jpg gallery

rti13ia m0 1 jpg gallery

strong campaigner for a sustainable environment and all of his campaigns focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible.  Richard plans to sail his the Mini Transat with a carbon footprint as close to zero as possible and is an affiliate partner of Mission Blue to support them with public awareness and research whilst racing around the world.

Richard Hewson plans to race his RG650in the 2015 Mini Transat Race.  With the help of sponorhsip Richard shows fantastic potential to win!

Sponsors are an essential part of this high profile event and Richards Mini Transat Campaign.  Without your help this exciting opportunity may not be possilbe.

If you would like to get involved in sponsoring Richard Hewson in Mini 650 racing please do not hesitate to contact Richard Hewson at


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