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Richard Hewson is one of the most prominent up and coming offshore sailors on the water at the moment.  Richards recent win of the round the world yacht race has proven his determination, fitness and navigational ability.   Richard Hewson combined with some of  the most extreme and developing classes in the world is a winning combination for everybody involved.

100% Australian Mini Transat - Richard Hewson

The main goal for Richard Hewson and hewsonracing is to sail the  Mini Transat in 2015 in his Mini 650 and the Global Ocean Race (GOR) 2014  in Class 40 yachts.  Richard Hewson has recently completed the european season racing the  Mini 650 in the new RG650 with good results in the qualifying regatta’s as part of his overall campaign in single handed racing

The Mini Transat is considered to be one of the most extreme single handed events in the world due to the race length and the boat’s small size. Every 2 years the 4000nm trans-Atlantic race sailing from France to Guadeloupe via the Canary Islands.

The Mini Transat race is a breeding ground for the best single handed sailors in the wor

ld including Michel Desjoyeaux, Ellen MacArthur and the majority of the skippers in this years V

endee Globe Yacht race.   The Mini Transat is a demanding race and a true test for the best sailors as the route covers difficult and adverse weather conditions while racing in a 6.5m yacht.

“Class40” is one of the most interesting offshore yacht racing concepts created in the last decade.   Class40This is borne out by the steadily increasing number of boats and the quality of sailors switching to these relatively small, but incredibly fast and exciting boats.

There are many races dedicated to the Class 40 and the media coverage is increasing steadily. The most exciting news is the recent announcement of Richards intention to compete in the 2015 Mini Transat and 2015/16 Global Ocean Race.  This race will have more competitors than any other round the world yacht race, and it is an event that will no doubt dominate the yachting media attracting thousands of viewers – the start alone is expected to attract an audiance of over 30,000 people lining the shores and thousands more watching online.

Richard Hewson  intends to participate in International events that
are planned warm up races to the Mini Transat and Global Ocean Race. Examples are the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, the Melbourne to Hobart, Melbourne to Osaka Yacht Race, and the Route De Rhumb.  Richards sailing in other classes of yacht such as the famous Mini 650 and Figaro will give sponsors a range of opportunities for promotion around the world in a variety of events as a lead up his campaigns.  All events that Richard will sail in hold significance and many are famous for attracting major media coverage that has the potential to further expose your company to welcome publicity world wide.

All of Richards campaigns focus on reducing the carbon footprint to as close to zero as possible and having a minimal environmental impact.  En route, Richard will be using his degree in Oceanography and life experience at sea to take observations and make research notes on his surrounding environment.  Richard Has teamed up with Mission Blue to help promote environmental awareness throughout his campaign, giving sponsors further exposure and promoting their environmental responsibilities.

This document, and the powerpoint presentation at the top of this page focus on the sponsorship of a Mini Transat whose name may be determined by your company. It is a wonderful chance to be involved in many exciting and international events that will ultimately boost your company’s media exposure. It will provide an excellent opportunity to market your company, develop business relations and if you are an international company develop company global team spirit.  Rest assured your sponsorship is buying a lot more than a boat and a sailor, it is buying a world identity for your company and will most certainly result in larger profits than the initial expenditure of the sponsorship!


Your sponsorship may range from full sponsorship with your logo on the hull, sails, mast and boom to a small sticker on the hull or boom.   Depending the level of sponsorship commitment that you wish to offer, it is possible to sponsor the Class 40 for anywhere between $1000 and $800,000 or between $1000 and $100,000 for the Mini Transat Campaign on its own.

Your logo will be displayed on the boat and on team members clothing. Interviews will be organised on the boat with various media and your company logo will be visible and your name mentioned and published around the world.  For full sponsorship The boat will be re-named with the name of your choice.


During the 2011/12 Clipper Round the World Race, Richard Hewson sailed Gold Coast Australia to win the majority of the legs and the entire race attracting over 20 million pounds net worth of advertising and PR to his sponsors Gold Coast Tourism and Gold Coast City Council.  To gain an appreciation of how much media attention your company can receive simply click links on the toolbar up the top, take a look at hewsonracing on facebook or do an Internet search “Richard Hewson sailing” and take note of the media coverage that I have received in the last race.  I will continue to work as hard to promote your company amongst media worldwide.Rich talking to press

While sailing in all my races, your customers and potential customers will be able to track the boat live via satellite trackers, and also download video that I have taken and uploaded via satellite that day.  Logo’s on the hull and deck, and also down below in the cabin will be selectively positioned in the video to catch the watchful eye of the viewer.

Before the start of the Mini Transat or Global Ocean Race once the boat is branded up it will be possible to make some video of the boat and me speaking giving my endorsement to your products.  This video can be utilised in a television commercial linking the romance of the ocean with the tough wet and extreme conditions.  Conversations to Radio programs and the occasional live video stream can also be made during the race to give the audience a feel for what the race is actually like.campaign

The Demographic

Sailing is increasingly becoming an extreme sport and attracting the attention of younger generations.  We are pushing the limits and pushing the boundaries of these boats and reaching amazing speeds as we surf down massive waves in the southern ocean.  Older generations are also attracted to sailing as they are interested in the tactics, skill and seamanship that different yachts use to win races.

The very same personalities that are drawn to professional sailing are those which marketers value above all others: The individuals, the self-reliant, the courageous, and the leaders. This is not only represented in the competitors themselves, but also in those for whom sailing is a pastime or lifestyle – which describes most of the fan base. Sailing is a sport that attracts people who are often not attracted to other sports, and who understand that teamwork and self-reliance aren’t just concepts, they are essential to success.

Things like grit, determination, and the bravery required to test one’s abilities are part of every day of sailing, and are precisely the character attributes which makes someone a leader, and thus so influential to others.


Richard Hewson is a strong campaigner for a sustainable environment and all of his  campaigns focus on being as environmentally friendly as possible.  Richard plans to sail with a carbon footprint as close to zero as possible and is an affiliate partner with Mission Blue supporting them with public awareness and research whilst racing around the world.  Mission Blue is an organisation devoted to taking urgenta ction to revers the oceans’ current state of peril.  The collective actions taken under the Mission Blue Marks include increasing marine protected areas by 20% by the year 2020; reforming fisheries and global policy; reducing ocean pollution; igniting public support; and educating and building new paradigms around the value of sea life and the essential role as Earths life support systems.

Business opportunities

At each stopover yachts will have a series of Pro-am races allowing us to take out our sponsors and VIP”s for a fun days racing on the water.  What a fantastic way to network, relax with your clients, sign some big deals and generate interest in your product.

You may wish to consider having company representatives and a stand at the start, intermediate stops and finish at any or all of the races entered. Richard and his team will help in coordination, provide a figure head and assist in introductions to help you discuss trade deals and market your products.

Richard would be happy to speak at company events or promotional events and signings for your customers about this race as well as his other circumnavigation and adventures.  Richards speeches are not only motivational, but focus on teamwork and increasing performance.

Database of Target Markets

The Mini Transat has documentation on the market and targets achieved during previous races.  For the 2014 Global Ocean Race organisers hope to develop a market database however this will depend on event sponsors.  If your company wish to create their own database for this and preceding events they will be given full rights by hewsonracing.

Previous sponsorships

During the 2011/12 Clipper Round the World Yacht Race Richard Hewson was the captain and skipper of winning yacht Gold Coast Australia.  Between July and December 2011 half way through the race sponsors Gold Coast Australia received nearly £20,000,000 worth of PR value.  The final figures for our contribution to Gold Coast is yet to be released but it is expected to be multiplied significantly.

Volume Reach AVE Value PR Value (GBP)
01.08.10 – 01.08.11 1,107 309,007,010 2,753,84 8,261,520
02.08.11 – 06.10.11 656 88,183,174 1,1559,793 4,679,379
07.10.11 – 25.12.11 1,122 85,177,682 2,237,973 6,713,919
26.12.11 – 05.03.12
06.03.12 – 15.04.12
16.04.12 – Aug.12
Cumulative Total 2,885 482,367,866 6,551,606 19,654818

“If you have any questions regarding any aspects of these documents and you would like to be involved in this and other exciting events please download the link  to the powerpoint presentation at the top of the page and please do not hesitate to contact me on at hewsonracing@gmail.com +61459467558 or Skype richardhewson.  l be more than happy to come and talk to you and your company in person and provide a motivational talk about my previous circumnavigation and my future in ocean racing.”

Donations to Richard Hewson Mini Transat Campaign 2013 greatly appreciated

Richard Hewson

Master Mariner  Navigator/Oceanographer  hewsonracing@gmail.com

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